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Interior Decorating

Whether it's as small a task as hanging your framed prints or re-arranging the groupings on your book cases or as big a job as repainting your rooms or buying new furniture, I can help. We can draw up a list of things to do yourself or I can do them for you. The choice is yours.



Home staging

Your house is for sale and you want it to be irresistable. Sometimes when you've lived in a place for several years you can become blind to it's strengths and weaknesses. I can help you re-arrange and edit your possessions to bring out the best in your home. Inside or out - don't forget that curb appeal is your buyer's first impression. 



Organizing your closet space, your home office or your bookshelves or going through the mess in your garage or basement, I can be the person to help you make those difficult "keep or toss" decisions.


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